Phylum Ctenophora, commonly known as comb jellies, includes 7 orders, with over 200 currently known (Class Blastodiniphyceae, Phylum Dinoflagellata) 


Ctenophores are free-swimming, transparent, jelly-like, soft-bodied, marine animals having biradial symmetry, comb-like ciliary plates for locomotion, the lasso cells, but nematocysts are wanting. They are also known as sea walnuts or comb jellies. Their nervous system is diffused types, and the aboral end bears a sensory organ called statocyst.

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Comb jellies class

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Shimmering, Squishy Comb Jellies Once Had Skeletons. An evolutionary arms race 500 million years ago seems to have unexpectedly caused today's gelatinous comb jellies to armor up -- and they weren

Search for crossword clues found in the Daily Celebrity, NY Times, Daily Mirror, Telegraph and major publications. Find clues for Class of comb jellies or most any crossword answer or clues for crossword answers. Beroidae is a family of ctenophores or comb jellies more commonly referred to as the beroids.It is the only family within the monotypic order Beroida and the class Nuda.They are distinguished from other comb jellies by the complete absence of tentacles, in both juvenile and adult stages. Confused by a class within a class or an order within an order?

The sea walnut or comb jelly is very common throughout most of Chesapeake Bay, and, while the population spikes seasonally, is present year-round. Sting. Ctenophores like the sea walnut do not sting. Instead, their tentacles possess special adhesive cells called colloblasts that release a sticky, mucus-like substance to trap prey. Size & Shape

The phylum includes the sea gooseberry (Pleurobrachia pileus) and Venus' girdle (Cestum veneris).The phylum was grouped with Cnidaria (jellyfish) in the former Coelenterata phylum. Ctenophores are the most basal known type of animals.

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Comb jellies class

Sea walnuts have a colorless, walnut-shaped body, with two of their body lobes longer than the rest. Pink comb jellies have a sac- or egg-shaped body that is often tinted pinkish to reddish-brown. Comb jellies grow to about 4 … Comb jellies of both classes have the same general body plan; a comb jelly can be sliced through its long axis—from mouth to aboral end—to produce mirror images. A cut through the long axis rotated 90 degrees results in different identical halves.

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ORDER Cydippida.

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Unlike cnidarians, with which they share several superficial similarities, they lack stinging cells. Instead, in order to capture prey, ctenophores possess sticky cells called colloblasts.

Along their body run eight ciliated bands (rows of combs) which are their main mean of locomotion as well as the main reason for their names.