To squeeze is defined as to compress or put pressure on something particularly to make room or get something out. Squeeze Sentence Examples.


2019-jun-07 - 1217 Likes, 13 Comments - Millie and Piper (@milliethelittlepiggy) on Instagram: “That snout! I just want to smooch and squeeze her all day!

Definition of squeeze in : to find time for (someone or something) I can squeeze you in after my one o'clock appointment. The teacher tried to squeeze in a few more lessons before school vacation. … Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl. As she waited to go into the exam, he squeezed her hand (= pressed it affectionately with his hand) and wished her good luck.

Squeeze day in a sentence

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3. We could probably squeeze in a few more people. 4. The room was crowded but I managed to squeeze in. 5.

98 examples: During compression the fabric structure deforms and the water is squeezed out… Squeeze in in a sentence 1.

Zaina's goals for the girls were so powerful that the Diamond Bar High 11th-grader squeezed in time for coaching even with four college-level Advanced Placement classes and her duties as captain of the school's varsity tennis team. . 2. Listen.

In early 2015, Squeeze announced that bassist John Bentley would play his final gig with the band on 24 July. Squeeze definition: If you squeeze something, you press it firmly, usually with your hands . | Meaning Word of the day: 'nephology' pressure brought to bear in order to extort something (esp in the phrase put the squeeze o Squeeze definition, to press forcibly together; compress. See more.


squeeze in some time in a sentence She's squeezing in some time to relax, but when she returns to work, the judge can't afford to get too cozy. While making " Deep Impact ", Leder squeezed in some time with her husband, actor-writer Gary Werntz, and their On a typical day at her suburban New Examples of squeeze in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: During compression the fabric structure deforms and the water is squeezed out… Squeeze in in a sentence 1. While we're in Australia, we're hoping to squeeze in a trip to the Barrier Reef.

Spelar punk och New Wave. can ”och ”48 Crash” 1973. Squeeze Brittisk grupp som bildades i London 1974. som från början hade blivit känd från new wavebandet Squeeze. ”That'll Be the Day” och Pauls överraskande mogna countrylåt ”In Spite of All the Danger”. Nia Damalos har delat ett inlägg på Instagram: "Happy name day to my main squeeze, cheers to forever sunny days.
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Squeeze day in a sentence

Just take hold of the tube and squeeze. 5. He can't squeeze the wet coat dry.

But there are so many different things we have to squeeze in every day.
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Enema of cassia fistula (also known as golden shower cassia) should be done twice a day. If cassia fistula isn't available squeeze half a lemon into lukewarm 

squeeze in phrase. I don't know how you manage to squeeze a workout in during your lunch break each day—I Squeeze definition is - to exert pressure especially on opposite sides of : compress. How to use squeeze in a sentence. v.

Definition of squeeze in the dictionary. Meaning of squeeze. What does squeeze mean? Information and translations of squeeze in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

It does this by squeezing together its walls so as to make the blood go out into the arteries. Keep in the mind the fact that kneading or squeezing the pastry forms it into a sticky mass. Instead it grew stronger, squeezing the air out of his lungs and the sight from his eyes. Examples of squeezed in a sentence: 1. Inch by inch he squeezed himself in.

Record yourself describing your average day I added some rice, a dash of lime squeeze, and a dash of fried red onion slices on it. I also put a  Squeeze the Day - Hej! I guess you meen pojke? Like in boy (chico)? In that case En pojke satt på stenen A boy sat at the rock Två pojkar leker Two boys are  Yunus narrates that one day he asked Imam Moosa al-Kazim (a.s.) that, She was scared of the squeeze in the grave (Fishare Qabr), so I lay myself in her  Enema of cassia fistula (also known as golden shower cassia) should be done twice a day.